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Google Reviews

Do Google reviews matter?


Do Google reviews matter ?

"Review ratings are the biggest driver of clicks in local search engine results" Brightlocal

"90% of consumers think reviews and referals are more important than any information provided by a salesperson". Nicejob

"The purchase liklihood for a product or service with 5 reviews is 270% greater than one with zero reviews." Spiegal Research Center

"Online reviews impact local search and SEO by around 12%" Nicejob


More than businesses think!

The importance of on-line reviews such as Google reviews cannot be overstated in terms of their impact on a businesses on-line presence and search engine ranking. Despite the numerous benefits of positive reviews, the majority of business still leave it to chance rather than following a simple strategy to maxmise their positive reviews.

This is a particularly risky approach for property business where the occassional discruntled tenant or client can have a negative impact on a businesses on-line presence.

Our 5 simple steps below will ensure that your Google reviews have a positive impact on your business.


5 simple steps

1: Have a plan and request reviews at the optimum moment for a client - for example when a buyer or tenant moves into their property.

2: Follow-up the review request after 7 and 14 days - (get in touch to find out how we can automate this for you :-)

3: Create a simple review link via Google My Business to make the review process as simple as possible.

4: Review businesses that you work with.

5: Always respond to reviews that have been made - whether positive or negative. If a negative review has been received, even if you consider it to be unjustified, always respond in a positive professional manner offering a resolution if possible. Google really likes to see interaction from the business owner and this will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.



If you would like find out how your Google reviews could be improved, please simply request a free review.

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