6 month local app sponsorship with Google optimisation and a social media markerting campaign.

To optimise your presence on Google, increase your social media effectiveness and build local goodwill with sponsorship of a local Love My Town app.

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#loveMy.town group

Property Of the Week feed

Click, click POW!

Send a property of the week to multiple social media accounts, your Google My Business panel, as well as a loveMy.Town local app and website in a couple of clicks with our unique Property Of the Week (POW) feed.

2 clicks - up to 7 locations !

  1. Your Google Panel
  2. Your Facebook Page
  3. Your Instagram Account
  4. Local Love My Town Facebook Page
  5. Local Love My Town Instagram Account
  6. Local Love My Town App
  7. Local Love My Town Website

... tailored to your requirements.

Google reviews request tool


Request Google reviews from clients quickly and easily.

View the status of all review requests automatically and send a gentle reminder to all in couple of clicks.

Modify email templates to your requirements and include quick links to the Google review page.

Sponsorship of your local Love My Town app and website.

Build goodwill locally and enhance your local marketing with the sponsorship of your town's "Love My Town" app and website.

Send a "Property of the week" as a notification to the app using our "POW" feed.

Property details and a monthly sponsor message also feature on local social media accounts.

A few of our latest apps

Local app sponsorship & marketing options

Agent Sponsor
£ 100 +vat / month
6 monthly in advance
(*) save 50%
  • (*) Reduced to £50 for the first sponsor of each location's app.
  • Google listing optimisation.
  • Google review request tool
  • Local "Love My Town" App sponsorship.
  • Property of the week (POW) feed.
  • Property and promotional postings to local social media accounts and Google.
  • Property listing and valuation enquiry links to sponsor website within the app.
Sole Agent
£ 200 +vat / month
6 monthly in advance
  • Sole agent sponsorship of your local Love My Town app.
  • All Agent Sponsor features.
  • Sole Agent property listings on the app.
  • Sole Agent valuation requests via the app.
Sole Sponsor
£ 300 +vat / month
6 monthly in advance
  • Sole sponsorship, a unique Love My Town App built and branded to your requirements.
  • All Agent Sponsor and Sole Sponsor features.
  • App developed with sole sponsor branding.