digital health check

Our free digital health check looks at how your business is represented across a number of on-line platforms and identifies ways that this can be optimised. 

Below are a few of the areas to be considered.

 – with the majority of users now on a mobile device, does the mobile version of the website provide a simple, intuitive, app like interface ?
 – is the website optimised for speed to ensure page load times are minimised to help with both the user experience and Google rankings?
 – has a clean, modern, uncluttered design be used.
– is the website capable of sending property posts to social media and Google?

 – is the businesses presence on Google optimised with recent posts, images and positive Google reviews?
 – has the website been optimised for important keywords to optimise search engine results?
 – can new content be added easily to the website to improve it’s search engine rankings?

 – does the business take advantage of social media such as Facebook and Instagram?
 – is there a simple process in place to enable regular, relevant posts to be added to social medial accounts quickly and efficiently ?

 – is the business taking full advantage of the any software systems currently being used to manage property data?

– can email hosting  / security be improved by using cloud based systems such as Google Workspace?

If you would like a digital health check for your business, please just get in touch.

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